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5 Ways To Stay Safe while Using ATM Cards

5 Ways To Stay Safe while Using ATM Cards

Cyber Crimes related to ATM are Growing Day by Day… So we are going to share Few Tips to get rid of those ATM Frauds Growing Issue… by 5 Ways To Stay Safe while Using ATM Cards…


5 Ways To Stay Safe while Using ATM Cards

These all frauds and all type of cyber crimes start by the Misuse of information given by the user, which the user share knowingly or unknowingly…

1.Knowledge of user

The user must know all the basic knowledge about the ATM cards or of a bank account and the user also should know, to whom they must share the details related to cards and ATM. The user must also know about the major Steps for using cards for other purposes like the Internet banking and online payments through cards.

2. Never Share OTP

The user must never share the OTP with anyone .because nowadays PHISHING Attacks are in trending which is targetting major populations for Doing ATM Frauds. you would never share your OTP if you have read these 5 Ways To Stay Safe while Using ATM Cards

3. Avoid Shoulder Surfing

While giving PIN Code for payments in ATM or Payment machines, avoid this type of attack as this could lead to ATM Card frauds. this is a type of method which has its own residual risks so a user must Dail a PIN code securely.

4. Avoid Skimming

Skimming is a technique in which a hacker records or directly makes a copy of users ATM card by copying cards magnetic strip code. Leading to cause ATM card Frauds. This could be avoided by reducing the card scratch in different Terminals rather using Payment Gateways.

5. Change Your PIN

A user must change the PIN code of their ATM cards in every 90 days, this guideline is given in every banking website and in the Guidebook Provided to a user.

So, guys, these are the 5 Ways To Stay Safe while Using ATM Cards.

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Mayank Nautiyal
I have completed my Bachelors in Electronics and Communication. Currently Pursuing Masters in Cyber Security from National Law Institute University.Love to Spread the Knowledge I have.

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