Best Information Gathering Tool -Maltego CE

Best Information Gathering Tool -Maltego CE

Best Information Gathering Tool -Maltego CE

So Have you ever been Googled name of your friend ??? If yes ,you havn’t found any information if he is just a normal person, but through this tool we can simply find alot of information about any individual simply from the Best Information Gathering Tool -Maltego CE

Maltego CE is the Free version which is a Community Version, is the Best Information Gathering Tool-Maltego CE

  • Maltego CE can be used easily By Just Registering Yourself in the website and then Logging it in the Application
  • This Tool is Available for Windows and Linux Operating Systems
  • This tool Gives information by just Searching all the information available in the public domain

Utility Of Maltego CE

Maltego can be used to determine the relationships between the following entities:

Best Information Gathering Tool -Maltego CE

  • Names
  • Email addresses
  • Aliases
  • Groups of people
  • Companies
  • Organisations
  • Web sites

Internet infrastructure such as:

  • Domain names
  • Net blocks
  • IP addresses
  • Affiliations
  • Documents and Files

We can Search these terms in following Manners

  • Search through Entity

While maltego is a searching tool, from present public domain information .Hence we can  search about an entity if any of the informations is available.

  • FootprintingAs the information gathering is the primary step of any type of forensics. So the graphs of certain entities can be formed and further used in the process of information gathering.


Information of entities shown in the Graphs in Detailed view

Any information of the entity or the sub parts of entity can be received from the detailed view of the particular entity. The information related to the entity can be read but the information is limited due to the usage of the Community Edition.

Download the Community Version form –