Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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Beware of Salacious Websites

Beware of Salacious Websites

As there are so many websites having Adult content and this business is increasing day by day, which is leading to Unknown Malware in Adult Websites so Beware Of Salacious Websites.

So you all be thinking how these websites could actually be harmful to us…If you are thinking why Am I getting soo many popups when I simply browse….?

Why Do I get advertisements for such products that are very salacious…?Congratulation You are affected by Many Malware…So we will be learning how do these websites Harm our systems…

Reasons To Beware Of Salacious Websites

1.Introduction of Malware 

There are reports of attachment of Trojans with the Video files which are mainly of.mp4 formats, that means That malware can work with any video file too… so think before you download a Video from these sites…

2.Victim of Click Baiting

Click Baiting is the type of advertisements or links which could compel any user to click on it… These websites have tons of these types of adds or the Link available for Baiting any user…

3.Redirection To different Pages

As a user clicks on the page or anywhere in those websites firstly it redirects the user to different sites or pages… which could be objectional or it could be a site stealing your data…

4.False Advertisements

These sites perform click Baits so, they have to give such adds that could compel the user to click on it… Maximum advertisements present on these websites are purely False…

As the usage of these sites is increasing very fast, so just make sure you don’t have get these risks…

Indian Laws Related to These Websites

According to Information Technology Act 2008

Section 67 -Punishment for publishing or transmitting obscene material in electronic form


Mayank Nautiyal
I have completed my Bachelors in Electronics and Communication. Currently Pursuing Masters in Cyber Security from National Law Institute University.Love to Spread the Knowledge I have.

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