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Cyber Addiction Growing Threat

Everyone is getting more and more connected to the virtual world, which is directing every individual to Cyber Addiction… Mainly youngsters are getting these type of addictions and as the use of devices is growing these addictions are making roots in their brain…


Cyber addiction is the compulsive use of devices which helps us to create a virtual world instead of living in a real world. That we like and slowly we get addicted to it…


As these devices which we use all the time creates a virtual space in our brain, which continuously releases a hormone that is dopamine which is the relaxation feeling hormone and all of the activities which makes us feel relax is just a hormone-releasing in our brain giving us the feeling of relaxation…The real game is relaxation hormone releasing into our brain which leads to all kinds of addictions…


When our brain needs to consume dopamine for relaxation it gets addicted to things which release it… And wants it again and again…So this makes us more addicted to things which creates more and more dopamine in our brain for examples-Use of Mobile phones, Use of Electronics Gadgets and everything which gives us pleasure…

*Virtual Attachments- Dating apps, matching apps and all other portals which helps in making the Virtual relationships all come under these and these make users focus on the short-term hookups instead of making long-term relationships…

*Nomophobia- Fear of being without a phone is often fueled by overuse of internet or internet addictions…

*Information Overloading-Compulsive use of internet, web surfing, Checking news feeds leads to lower productivity in our working place as it isolates us from actual world and driving us to the virtual world…


1.Socialize-To overcomes these type of addictions we have to socialize. Which is meeting people actually instead of dating applications or websites… Which helps in making our personality and conversation skills good

Cyber Addiction Growing Threat

2.Recognize which compels you to use mobile- Recognize and stop doing things which forces you to use mobile phones. Like any game which forces you to play it can be overcome by actually playing any game. As it leads to healthier life…

3.Dopamine creation- In the previous article, we have learned about the dopamine hormone which leads to addiction. Though we are confused about dopamine creation and consumption… Any physical work which makes us feel good like I Love gardening that could be a good source of dopamine creation and consumption is Watching videos or playing online games…

4.Exercise- Physically working out is the most beneficial activity any individual could do…Which could lead us to healthier lives and could also help us in feeling good. Which could Help in the prevention of Cyber addiction…

Mayank Nautiyal
I have completed my Bachelors in Electronics and Communication. Currently Pursuing Masters in Cyber Security from National Law Institute University.Love to Spread the Knowledge I have.

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