Different types of hackers, from black hat to red hat

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Hacker word comes from the word hacking which means to get access to a computer or system unauthorizedly. Hacker the word itself is very fascinating. Hacker means the person who breaches the security of the server or a computer with or without permission.  

  1. Black hat hacker 
  2. Grey hat hacker 
  3. White hat hacker 
  4. Red hat hacker 
  5. Green hat hacker 
  6. Script kiddies 
  7. Blue hat hacker  
  8. State or national sponsored hacker 
  9. Hacktivist 
  10. Malicious insider or whistle-blower 

But the main types are mentioned and briefly defined below  

BLACK HAT HACKER: – The hacker who falls under this category is known for the bad work which is done by hacking. Black hat hacker uses his skills of a hacker for bad purposes like stealing confidential information and selling it for money while on the other hand, this vital information of that company may lead to a massive loss to the company as well as the employee too. Even black hat hacking is illegal and if a hacker gets busted by the police, then he might face life imprisonment also with a heavy fine to the hacker. Black hat hacker finds the loopholes in the server and penetrates them without the permission of the organization. 

GREY HAT HACKER: – The hacker who falls under this category is known for defaming the company in which the hacker works. Grey hat hackers can easily do this as they got all access to the company’s or the organization’s data servers. As the name says grey which means they don’t come under black as well as white too. They are someone who works and defame the same organization. They hack like the black hat but they don’t use that information for their benefits, they rather using that information they provide that information to someone else.  

 WHITE HAT HACKER: – The hacker who falls under this category is known as a cybersecurity specialist, the ethical hacker also. They are certified They hack for finding loopholes in the data server and they also have written permission from the authorized person. The white-hat hacker hack to enhance the security of the server and save the servers from getting attacked by the black hat or grey hat hackers. 

RED HAT HACKER: – The red hat hacker is the police of the hacking world. They find the black hat hacker guy’s device and instead of complaining about the real word cops they take the action themselves. They hack the device of black hat hackers and inject some sort of virus and make that particular device useless they shutdown that device. As this work needs a huge amount of experience and great knowledge about the networks and the computer’s hardware as well as software too. These sorts of a hacker might be of some aggressive type not in the real world but the hacking world. 

GREEN HAT HACKER: – The hacker who falls under this category are the noobs which means they are just arriving at the world of hacking. They are very curious about hacking. There are many groups on telegram, whatsApp, etc. of hacking in which they are sharing information about hacking so, in these groups these green hat hackers are very active as they are curious to know about hacking. 

SCRIPT KIDDIES: – This a type of hacker who hacks things with the use of hacking tools and they don’t have any skills of coding. These types of hackers generally operate on the tool which is created by some experienced hacker. These people show off so much in front of other people by putting Mr. Anonymous wallpaper and customize their laptops just to get the feel of a hacker. They do this generally for the recognition of themselves as the hacker which they are not. By using the tools which are created by someone else you can’t call yourself a hacker.