Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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Facebook “Engagement Bait” Getting Serious

Facebook “Engagement Bait” Getting Serious

Whenever any image, video or any type of file is been published on websites or mainly in Facebook and users are forced to share or like those posts are called to be Engagement Baits and Facebook “Engagement Bait” Getting Serious.

  • Facebook is preparing to bring new Framework for controlling these Baits which is very disturbing for users.
  • Facebook will be doing this Through a strict Demotions for pages repeatedly Baiting


Strong Warnings

  • Posts which prompts users to ‘Tag a friend’ would be gaming with  the facebook algorithms causing it to be on the top of new feeds.
  • Pages That repeatedly uses these techniques will be demoted


Mayank Nautiyal
I have completed my Bachelors in Electronics and Communication. Currently Pursuing Masters in Cyber Security from National Law Institute University.Love to Spread the Knowledge I have.

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