Hack your friend WhatsApp account

Hack your friend WhatsApp account

Hack your friend WhatsApp account

Hello guys how are you? hope you all are doing great. In today’s article, we will see how we can Hack your friend WhatsApp account without using any kind of tool or software…Yes, it is possible…


Hack your friend WhatsApp account

so are you ready….. :)……

here are the steps which you have to follow…..

firstly, open play store on your android phone…then search for the app named — Whats web .

                                           Hack your friend WhatsApp account



or you can simply download from Here

Now, after downloading open the app…..it will look like this…

                                                Hack your friend WhatsApp account


After that here comes the most difficult step in which you have to show some social engineering skills to get your victim’s android phone for 10 seconds.

we have completed half of the task for….in case if you don’t have any physical access to your victim cell phone, You can hack them by using the Metasploit framework.

In which you have to create a payload apk file by Using Kali Linux Os and ezsploit tool… and send that file to your victim through email or also you can combine that file with any media file so chances may be increased that he will click on that payload file….

FOR PROPER DESCRIPTION YOU CAN SEE MY ANOTHER ARTICLE ON “Hack mobile phone using Kali Linux and Ezsploit”

Now, open the WhatsApp in your victim phone and click on WhatsApp web in the menu bar.

Hack your friend WhatsApp account

After clicking on that tab…A QR scanner will be opened in your victim’s WhatsApp. Now just you have to scan the QR which is shown in your Whatsweb application ……into your phone and scan that QR code from your victim’s phone.



Hack your friend WhatsApp account

when the scanning is done…..A new window will be open in the Whatsapp web app on your phone…..which is connected to your victim’s WhatsApp account ….and all the chats, contact number, media files will be available on that app into your phone.

Congratulations you have successfully hacked your friend WhatsApp…. 🙂

Actually, this is not a real hacking…..what we have done is just we used the web service of WhatsApp… Whatsapp have created this service for pc login into your WhatsApp account….Most of you have already used WhatsApp web from your pc or laptop….you all might be knowing about this feature of WhatsApp.

This trick might be very useful in finding whether your girlfriend/boyfriend is loyal or not…. is he/she hiding something from you??

In real time you can check their live conversation directly from your Android phone..thus you can Hack your friend WhatsApp account

If you want to protect yourself from such kind of attacks….you have to be aware…In 90% cases, the attacker is someone whom we know very well….

you can also check my another article on 5 Ways to Secure your Android Phones


In case if you have any kind of trouble and query related to this, and finding difficulty on how to Hack your friend WhatsApp account. Feel free to comment….and do share this awesome trick with your friend but don’t share this to those, whom you want to hack… 🙂

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