how to keep your internet identity safe from hacker in 2018

how to keep your internet identity safe from hacker in 2018

how to keep your internet identity safe from hacker in 2018

Because of ignorance most of the people do silly mistakes while doing internet banking and online shopping that ultimately landed them in serious problems such as credit card frauds, identity theft etc. With the enhancement of technology day by day criminal also adopting new strategies. We have witnessed many cyber-related frauds in the year  2017. Most of them are executed because of lack of awareness among users. Now it’s 2018, and you must know how to keep your internet identity safe from hacker in 2018.

Use Different Passwords for Different sites

Generally, most of the people use the same password for multiple accounts which is not a good practice. Suppose if one of your account’s password got compromised then the hacker also gets the complete access to others accounts.

Also, the second big mistake that most people do is they use their personal information such as name, date of birth, address etc for their password which is again not to be done. Always use different passwords for different accounts and keep them safe and secure.


Never click on a link you did not expect to receive

Hackers infect PCs with malware by luring users to click on a link or open an attachment. Sometimes phishing emails are easy to spot because of spelling mistakes and poor grammar. However, sometime it is too difficult to identify such emails as the mailer uses the genuine domain name.  Social media has helped criminals profile individuals, allowing them to be much more easily targeted, They can see what you’re interested in or what you [post] about and send you crafted messages, inviting you to click on something.

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how to keep your internet identity safe from hacker in 2018

Secure your connections

When login to the sensitive account never uses public Wifi network. However sometimes in an emergency, you might need to connect to a sensitive account on the go. For banking, best to use your bank’s app and a cellular connection.

The best place to do internet banking is your home. If you have to use Wi-Fi, add extra security with a Virtual Private Network. This creates a secure, encrypted link with a third-party server and you access your sites through that link.

Only shop through Secure website

Online shopping made our life so simple. By a single click, we can shop anything from anywhere. There are many e-commerce website options are available. Before entering your card details, always ensure that the locked padlock or unbroken key symbol is showing in your browser. When you login to your account then online retailer’s internet address will change from “http” to “https” to indicate a connection is secure.

Never click on pop-ups

Just ignore pop-ups as it can contain malicious software which can trick a user into verifying something. If  you do, a download will be performed in the background, which will install malware. This is known as a drive-by download. Always ignore pop-ups offering things like site surveys on e-commerce sites, as they are sometimes where the malicious code is.

Never store your credit/debit card details on websites 

In case if any website asked if you want to store your credit card details for future use. Always decline that offer.

and finally,  Be vigilant

There is no concept of absolute security. Whatever you have done for securing your account is not going to give you 100% protection. The best way to make sure your online account, stays safe is to pay attention. Catching small problems early can prevent hackers from making bigger ones later.

The more time attacker will get = more destruction

So, its good for you to spot any suspicious activity as early as possible.

These are some basic tips on how to keep your internet identity safe from hacker in 2018. Hope you like it, if you have any question, please comment below.

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