About Us


We love to spread awareness of cyber-related topics with you all.  Everything around us is connected to the virtual world called  “cyberspace”. And we as students of cybersecurity wanted to spread all the knowledge to the world. Many people don’t know the basics of cyber security and how to be secure in cyberspace for that every day we post a new article for making aware our readers of upcoming threats in the cyber world. Therefore, To spread awareness among people, we have created this website so read the articles and enjoy. About us

As everything is hackable and vulnerable but we can try to lower the risk with all of the knowledge we have.

And remember “Your ignorance is their power”.



Our Mission

*  Revolutionize entire cybersecurity pyramid by empowering every individual.
*   Keeping you safe in the cyber world.
*  To keep updated our readers with all latest tech news and topics related to cybersecurity.
*  Best articles for the readers who are keen to know about the internal working of technologies.
*  To Give cyber situational awareness to everyone.


About Website

Our website is the place where each individual can get the updates related to cybersecurity from basics to the professional level. We also share these articles on our Facebook page that is CYBrot to give ease to the users reading the articles, which is beneficial for them in the cyberspace and we are very much concerned towards our readers and readers can read our articles and give their valuable suggestions to us.You can connect us to our Linkedin Page too. In addition, you can also demand the articles you want by simply writing a mail to us at support@cybrot.com.