Machines with Brains -Artificial Intelligence

When any machine or a Software works, thinks, processes and learn like any human brain then it is considered as Artificial Intelligence.When all these criteria are fulfilled through a machine working on a certain software is called to be Machines with Brains -Artificial Intelligence.The deciding or the decision-making capacity of any machine makes it unique from others.

With this intelligence which gives machines the ability to learn and make decisions without any given pre-programmed input is called Machine Learning.Majorly Artificial Intelligence is directly applied to the software part which operates a machine.

Why Artificial Intelligence

When the age of machines came in the early seventies programming to machines became popular. And then in just a few decades machines got smarter and faster rapidly.Then when two students made a General Problem Solver Program form Central Michigan University, Began the era of Intelligence in Machines and Softwares.

In Recent technologies, when you get a notification regarding your current search on any search engine that is a form of an Artificial Intelligence.These notifications are purposefully raised for marketing or any kind of business purposes.While all these are connected in some of the other ways.For example- When a user searches for some product like sunglasses in an application then he gets a phone call from a customer care executive after the whole session of searching I completed.The executive would be giving great deals and very attracting offer for letting a user buy those sunglasses.


In current scenarios, this artificial intelligence is emerging very rapidly in all the streams majorly in the technological stream.All the applications can be defined in further components-

⇒Banking and Finance-(Fraud Detection)

Here the software emergence of Artificial Intelligence took place.In beginning, the AI software was given with chunks of data of fraudulent cases, also called as used cases.This huge amount of data is been analyzed by the software.After all of the analysis, the software is implemented in the live working stage.


1.The software is given with data as input.

2.All of the data is been analyzed for similar cases if occurs can be detected.

3.Anomaly or any misbehavior taking place while transactions of a user can also be detected.

4.Pattern Recognition is also a part of Artificial Intelligence which is much accurate and reliable.

⇒Dealing with Cyber Crimes-

With the integration of major technologies with the Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Crimes also increased very rapidly.Already software is available which could help in detection and prevention of any of the Cyber Attacks.

IDPS-Intrusion detection and Prevention Systems are generally implemented in the organization.Certain predefined Policies and access controls are given in these systems.Access controls mean giving authorization to a user to avail services which are predefined.For example- If MAC Addresses defined in a list is applied in a network.The only user on that list can get access to a network and use the services provided by a network.Predefines Policies could be helpful like- If the framed password policy defines that a user password should have at least 10 letter password this would decrease the possibility of Brute Force attacks in any login page.

Prediction and Prevention of crimes-There are many countries which have already applied this technology to Crime Prevention.The chunk of data is provided with the data of existing crimes are provided which is later used in prediction of crimes.For example- A user goes to his office daily and access internet services for general usage and transaction.But suddenly for past 2 days, he carries out his transactions for the free internet connection provided in a shopping mall.This could be an ping from the software.Of any anomaly detection.

⇒In Education-

Certain software is been made and implemented for the students which would adopt the behavior of the student.The learning capacities and the progress can be evaluated by the software for the betterment of a student.This could help the students which are mentally challenged and have issues with learning.

This could be very helpful in teaching in schools.This would also revolutionize the way of teachings of a teacher and the learning of a student too.The proper progress report can be prepared for the student easily.

⇒In Entertainment Industry-

Whether it’s a video game or a music application it’s been a long time with usage of these like Middle Earth, Far Cry are known for imparting the characters in fighting skills, weapons or any strategy for the victory.

When in movies or music applications there comes the use of previously accessed data.What all suggestions we get and all the recommendations are given by the app are given from our history searchings.

⇒In Automobile Industry-

The era of autopilot cars has come, which is the most recent and advanced application of the Artificial Intelligence. How the car would drive it safely, How it will be reacting in the traffic and to an emergency situation is been said used in Automobile industry.


All through the upbringing of technologies working with intelligence is increasing which is new to all.The new categories of Risk are also been evolved.Proper Framework and Guidelines should be given by the regulatory bodies to minimize any kind of impact by these Technologies.


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