Tesla Seeking Hackers and Bounty Hunters

Tesla Seeking Hackers and Bounty Hunters

This is the good news for hackers or the bug bounty hunters as Tesla Seeking Hackers…

Tesla the Giant American Motor Company has taken a step further for making a battery-powered car, which could be charged again and again… This type of energy lasts long and thought it would be best to use that energy… These cars are called most connected cars .They all interact with each other through a centralized database for information gathering and processing it..

These automated cars are becoming revolution because it has to be the future of automated cars which could self-drive


  • These are cars are fully operated with sensors and automated cameras.Tesla x consists of total 8 cameras surround the car for just analyzing the data. And help in automated driving
  • First, the drivers have to drive for about few miles before starting autopilot in Tesla then when the sensors fully takes all data about lanes, amount of traffic and which is the favorable speed it would prompt the driver in the Display to just switch to autopilot
  • As this autopilot would just be prompting the driver to be attentive and will be beeping to be careful and put hands on the steering wheel. And if we don’t respond or touch the steering it would stop in 30 to 40 seconds in the middle of the lane … As Tesla has not gone fully Automation in cars…
  • But these cars will be huge forward step to fully automated cars, which will be coming soon


  • These are very much bound to traffic rules, thus these cars will not be working in countries which have lenient traffic rules
  • As these Cars are still not fully automated and will be needing continuous attention of the driver
  • Basically, There will be no text and drive in these Tesla

Are these Tesla cars safe from Hackers?

As everything around is getting connected to the internet which could make it more vulnerable…Recently Tesla has released a huge upgrade in the Autopilot version 8.0 on radar system but there were only 2 cases till now-

First case-

A team of Chinese security researchers was able to wirelessly and remotely control Tesla Model S from 12 miles away and was about to control the car… They have actually hacked the car’s controller network … These controllers  Operates all parts of the car including gates brakes and even autopilot.But for this, the car has to be connected to the malicious w-fi hotspot.

To overcome this vulnerability Tesla has released updates for web browser vulnerability through which this vulnerability was exploited…

Second Case-

For the second time also Chinese hackers managed to hack the car which they called the “Unauthorised X-mas Show”.In this, they managed to take controls on breaks, lights and doors of the car…These hackers we able to control the car through wifi and Cellular Connection.This is done through sending the malicious software through a web browser.

Then this vulnerability was patched within 2 weeks by Company Researchers.

Even these smart devices are founded with many vulnerabilities and Tesla is continuously working on it…For Indian Markets, Tesla has not launched their Vehicles but anyone can purchase a Tesla in other country and could take it to their country by paying all the taxes…


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