Cybersecurity is derived from 2 words cyber and security. Cyber means virtual and wireless and security means securing. In todays world cyber security is very important many companies suffers from an enormous loss of their vital data. Sometimes this loss of data leads to the end of company too.

To avoid these types of attacks or invasion of hackers, companies hires cyber securities expert so that these attacks could be prolonged or avoided.



there are many types of cyber-attacks but 4 among them are quite major and they are 


Which includes trojans, spyware etc. The malicious software encompasses many specific types of attacks such as ransomware, spyware, command and control, and more.  


Which includes fake emails and etc. This attack is used to obtain sensitive information or data, such as usernames, passwords and credit card details or other sensitive details. 

3) MAN IN THE MIDDLE ATTACKS:- Man in the middle attack is the common term for a person who carries out a harmful, illegal act who positions himself in a conversation between a user and an application but he is anonymous. Man in the middle attack includes tracing of IP address. There are many types of password attacks but some of them are mentioned below:-

i) IP spoofing.

ii) DNS spoofing.

iii)HTTPS spoofing.

iv) SSL hijacking.

v)Email hijacking.

vi) Wi-Fi eavesdropping.

vii) Stealing browser cookies.

4) PASSWORD ATTACKS:- Password attacks are the most common way to breach into the corporate and personal data. Password attacks include cracking of passwords. There are many types of password attacks but some of them are mentioned below:-

 i) Brute force attack.

ii) Dictionary attack.

iii) Phishing.

iv) Rainbow table attack.

v) Credential stuffing.

vi) Password spraying.

vii) Keylogger attack and more.

To prevent these types of attacks one should have installed firewall in the pc. As the name firewall sound like a virtual wall which provide extra security from these types of attacks. Firewall filters the incoming and outgoing data traffic from your computer through internet. 

One can think that cyber-attacks are only executed on single person no but it can also be executed on government as well as private offices, and these attacks can cost the offices a large amount of money. Some of the main attacks which are companies are targeted to are   

1) APT:– APT stands for advance persistent threat. In this the hacker get all the access to the network and the hacker keeps the access for prolong time and in the meantime, he takes all the vital information he wants off the server. 

2) DDOS:– DDOS stands for distributed denial of service. When a website is very busy at that time hacker uses multiple devices to launch the malware or the trojan which is the part of the attacks. 

3) SQL INJECTION:– In this hacker inject SQL code in the back-end database. By this type of attack hacker get all the access to the sensitive data of the company which was even deleted long back. 


The main work of cybersecurity assistance is to protect the company from these malicious attacks. These people detects the incoming attacks and configures the system in such a way so that in future these types of attacks do not enters the system.


There are never ending jobs opportunity in this branch as this era is also called as cyber era. As everything is going wireless and we are getting more reliable on internet so these cyber-attacks are getting common day by day so the demand for cyber security person is increasing day by day.  Some of the most important jobs are mentioned below

  1. Ethical hacker:- If someone like hacking so he can be an ethical hacker not for a bad cause but for a good cause. Companies hires ethical hackers to test the vulnerability of the data bases and once they detect the vulnerability in the data bases, they are said to solve that particular problem also. So, their job is to find problems in the data base and to solve it too. 
  1. Security architect:- Security architect is the person who is the head of the cyber security department of the company. He controls all the cyber security related quires.