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Database Security Best Practices

  Database Security Best Practices :In today’s world, anyone can setup a data-driven website with the help of many tools, but unfortunately, the resulting site...

How useful and relevant are virtual practice environments in real time security testing

How useful and relevant are virtual practice environments in real time security testing As the name suggests a virtual practice environment is none other than...

What is SIM Swap Fraud and its Protection

A cyber fraud called 'SIM Swap' has deceived a few people in the nation over. Not by any means new, the trick going throughout...

Online child sexual abuse Legal & General Perspective

Online child sexual abuse is a marvel which is the immediate aftereffect of the sensational changes achieved by data and correspondence innovation. Combatting this...

Impacts of Social networking sites

Social networking is utilized by individuals all around the globe. Its motivation is to advance and help correspondence. Nonetheless, this kind of innovation may...

A1:2017-Injection OWASP TOP 10-2017

A large number of security breaches all over the world is the outcome of the injection attack. That's why, In the OWASP top 10 list,...

What is Digital Rights Management and Need of DRM

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is an orderly way to deal with copyright security for computerized media. The motivation behind DRM is to counteract unapproved...

Web application security threats and countermeasures

Web application security threats and countermeasures : Congratulations! Your hard work has paid off! You have a successful business running on website. We all know...

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