Don’t hide your File, Hide your entire Hard drive

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Don’t hide your File, Hide your entire Hard drive

Many times it happens when you have to share your personal computer or laptop with others. Suppose a scenario, you have some personal data which is sensitive, like your personal pics and documents. And you didn’t want someone to access those data. So follow the strategy Don’t hide your File, Hide your entire Hard drive.

What will you do?

maybe you are thinking about some kind of folder lock app and software. But if you have used these applications you would be knowing about limitations and performance issue related to them.

some people might be thinking that they can simply hide that file and folder. Again an issue, another person can access those file by applying view hide files and folder mode.

Also if you would apply any one of the above solutions, Other people will come to know that there must be something which you are hiding from them. So they will try to access those files.

So your first priority is, don’t let them know about, you are hiding something.

So how we can hide our personal data?

the answer to this is — Don’t hide your File, Hide your entire Harddrive.

Don’t hide your File, Hide your entire Hard drive partition

firstly, make a personal hard drive partition according to your use or you may use the default available partitions.

Put all your important personal files and folder into that partition, that you want to hide.

In my case I will be hiding my drive(z);

so what we have to do is, put all the personal data on that partition.

then, open the RUN box, if you didn’t know how to open this, simply type run in the search area.

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Type “diskmgmt.msc” in the RUN box.


A new window will open, This is known as Disk management where you can create manage or delete your hard drive partition.

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then, right click on the drive which you want to hide. select change drive letter and paths.

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then select remove. an alert message will come where you have to click on yes.

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congratulations you have done your task….. 🙂

open my computer, you will see that the particular drive is not showing.

So by following this trick, you can hide entire your drive without letting anyone knowing that the particular drive partition was existing.

Now, if you want to get back that partition, steps are pretty simple..

again go back to Disk Management by following steps which we have discussed earlier.

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now you can see there is a drive without the assigned name, so again right click on that drive and go to Change drive letter and paths.


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the new box will open, Click on ADD button.

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then you will see a box where a new letter is assigned to that partition. click ok to save setting or you can assign the letter of your choice by clicking on the drop-down menu.

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Now finally go to my computer and see, the particular drive is showing again.

Again for more security, you can apply a password to Disk Management.

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