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 Google Duplex a BOON?

ABOUT GOOGLE DUPLEX While internet booking frameworks are progressively normal, the lion's share of organizations today doesn’t have one set up. In the US, 60%...

Is CyberGhost Safe?

Is CyberGhost Safe? Yes, CyberGhost is a great online security benefit that has nearness in all the significant nations of the world. The clients...

Modern day attacks like Stuxnet,exploiting SCADA Vulnerabilities

“One of the greatest technical blockbusters in malware history.”Stuxnet, a 500-kilobyte digital worm that infected the software of at least 14 industrial areas in...

Online scams: A rising web issue and Preventions

The Internet allows people to interact virtually anywhere in the world. Electronic banking and E-commerce system framework tends to a few developing patterns: client...

General Data Protection Regulation- Why and Why not!

Following 4 years of planning and level-headed discussion, the General Data Protection Regulation was finally confirmed by the EU Parliament on 14 April 2016....

Cyber Radicalization and the Need for New Regulatory Regime

Cyber radicalization is one of the rising issues being looked by sovereign countries today. Prior, we have seen the abuse of the Internet for...

SSL and TLS- Need to Know

SSL- Secure Socket Layer The essence of prosperity in a business environment is creating a Trust factor among your clients. This trust factor makes the...

Zero Login: Dreaming a world without Passwords

Zero Login: Dreaming a world without Passwords We all hate passwords, don’t we? So tired, indeed, that we avoid them wherever possible. For our phone,...

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