Zero Login: Dreaming a world without Passwords

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Zero Login: Dreaming a world without Passwords

We all hate passwords, don’t we? So tired, indeed, that we avoid them wherever possible. For our phone, we use a fingerprint scanner, for Microsoft laptops we use face recognition technology; We are happy using anything and everything to get us away from the hassles of creating and remembering a password.

What we need is a technology which makes our devices smart enough to recognise us instantly which is exactly what zero login technology is all about. Zero login technology is an advanced version of passwords, which is neither what we are, what we know or what we have but it’s about “who we are”.


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The Future Is Here

Though the name zero login has been recently coined however this has been already in use since a long time by banks: who have been watching customer behavior in case of swiping credit/debit cards that is if they swipe an amount more than usual they will be getting a verification call. Or if they are logging in from a new device they are required to verify themselves by answering the secret questions which they have updated while creating their profile.

Zero Login: Dreaming a world without Passwords

How to recognise a legit user

Zero login technologies as discussed are all about who was not only this it also pays attention to what you are trying to do, they can easily differentiate between a legit user and an attacker. For eg. Imagine you ordered clothes worth Rs.500 from Amazon from your phone, paid the bill through credit card and have it shipped to your house. Is it something an attacker will do? Not likely.

Will the password completely vanish

It’s very unlikely, but you won’t be asked for one every time you want to sign in, your phone will recognise you. In a perfect zero login world, you will never be asked a password unless you are the attacker.

Questions which should come to our mind

What happens if an affirmative session is not ended? All the data which our phone is collecting where is it stored? Who protects it? How is it being used? Will the information collector know In case it is compromised? What if the information collector is the attacker?

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